In his time, the reserved and magnanimous Ulysses S. Grant was America’s first five-star general since George Washington and was elected the eighteenth president of the United States. But just who was this patriotic American, and how did he come to be known as the defender of the Union?

The tale of the life of Ulysses S. Grant is one mired in popular belief and accepted understanding. The man was indeed a heroic leader, but his story is best told in the context of the generations of Grants before and after him. More than just a biographical account of Grant’s life, this work is a profile of Grant’s ancestors and the lasting impact of his family name.

Both the culmination of years of investigation and the unique perspective of Grant’s own distant relative, this work illuminates the rich tapestry of a great American family that began in 1630, carried through the tribulation of the American Civil War, and continues to this day. Thomas Edward Grant, Ph.D., makes the case that despite being best known for his military expertise, Ulysses S. Grant could—and perhaps should—be just as well known as the father of American civil decency.